Finley’s story

Val – Finley’s mothers comments regarding his riding:-
Finley has Cerebral Palsy, Global Development Delay & severe speech and language delay. He has been attending the RDA sessions at Horse Rangers with his school Manor Mead each week. Finley absolutely loves the sessions and we have noticed a significant increase in his core stability. He is even able to give simple instructions to start and stop his horse!!






Caroline – Finley’s coach for his RDA riding sessions
Finley is such a delight to have in class. He is very enthusiastic and excited to get on all the horses – some of his favourites are Joey and Dublin. During the riding sessions, Finley communicates well with the helpers and his horse, and it is no surprise that he loves trotting. In 2017, Finley was part of the team competing in the fancy dress competition at the Royal Windsor Horse Show – the theme was Toy Story and he was dressed as Sheriff Woody riding our fantastic horse Victor who was dressed as Sheriff Woody’s horse Bullseye.