Colour/Breed: Bay Gelding
Height: 15.1hh
Date of Birth: 1997

I’m Nobby. I’m a very sweet natured and kind horse. I came to HRA in 2009 with my friends Ben, Nat and Dublin. We have all been involved with Horse Rangers for most of our lives, having been at the Epping and Essex Branch before moving to Hampton Court. I really enjoy living at HRA as we get a whole week off work on a three week rotation so I get to have lots of fun helping the Rangers but I also get to play with my friends in the paddocks. I think the work/life balance is just about perfect for me! I’ve been having a spot of trouble with my right eye, in fact I have glaucoma. I’ve been getting lots of treatment for it. I’ve been super brave and the best patient ever. I hasn’t affected my work; I still do everything that I did before.

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