HRA Alumni Association: Once a Horse Ranger, Always a Horse Ranger!

Young people who are a part of Horse Rangers embark on a journey involving development of character, responsibility, and learning all while enjoying themselves and interacting with horses. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone growing up, and it should not end because life has taken you on a different path and you are no longer able to bring the same level of commitment to the organisation. It is important to stay a part of the community that was so important to you in your formative years and share the spirit of Horse Rangers as an alumnus of the charity.

Check out the HRA Alumni Association on Facebook and like our page. We encourage you to share any photos you have from when you spent time as a Horse Ranger, and post any stories and memories so that the wider Horse Rangers community can continue to thrive.

Everyone who has ever been involved in Horse Rangers has a favourite horse they love to remember, stories to tell, and people they want to reconnect with. No matter how long you were a Ranger, or what role you played, you are a part of the Horse Rangers family. Please stay involved, share about your experience, and continue to help our young people develop by becoming a part of the HRA Alumni Association.

You will always be a part of the Horse Ranger community so please sign up to support us with only £5 per month, and we will invite you to our annual Gymkhana as a thank you each year.