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The Horse Rangers Association is a charity dedicated to supporting children and young people from all backgrounds and abilities by giving them the opportunity to develop confidence and life skills through learning to ride and care for horses. HRA story

Based in Greater London, we provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where friendships can form and children and young people are encouraged to develop and grow as individuals. HRA mainstream

Each week, we support over 300 children and young people in our mainstream groups. As a member group of The Riding for the Disabled Association, we also provide opportunities for children, young people and adults with disabilities. RDA

Our local community is extremely important to us. Through working in partnership with our local Young Carers’ Projects, Children’s Services and schools, we are able to deliver outreach programmes and provide volunteering opportunities to disadvantaged children and young people. Outreach program

Being around horses is extremely beneficial, so we are always looking at new ways to extend our help and to engage with those around us. If you can help, please do get in touch.

If you have comments or enquiries about our organisation, please feel free to contact us.
All donations to the Horse Rangers Association can make a huge difference in our horses’ lives, as well as vastly improving the experience of our children.
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We have two squadrons that collectively form a member group of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

Horse Ranger Caitlin’s – BRS Week Residential Placement

British Racing School ran an Equine charity week where 4 of us from Horse Rangers applied to attend and were very lucky to be accepted on this very special residential placement week. I was one of those rangers.
After a 2 hour drive, upon arrival we were taken on a tour of the grounds and saw our accommodation, common room and eating area. It was all lovely. We shared in rooms of 2 with ensuite! Another organistion, Ebony Horse Club from Brixton were also there with 6 of their members. After looking at the yard and race horses we were taken to a room where simulators were. We each got on and were taught how to sit on a race horse and the position in which you ride in. After understanding the position in which you ride, they put the simulator on which moved the horse the way the race horse runs. We practiced how to speed up the horse, slow them down and change your hand positions while riding. This was an amazing experience and enabled us to understand the technicality of riding a race horse and was a really good way to understand what it feels like to be on the running horse.

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